Microcrystalline Cellulose

Microcrystalline Cellulose is a versatile product and used in pharmasutical formulations as Excipient.Mcc is also used in food industries as an anti-caking agent and bulking agent.Microcrystalline Cellulose is derived from wood pulpand the most common from is used in vitamin supplements or tablets.

Product Description:

Mcc Type. Average Particle size (Microns) Bulk Density Application
Hindcel 101 60 0.25-0.35 Most suitable for wet granulation and direct compression.
Hindcel 102 95 0.26-0.40 larger particle size then MCC 101,good flow and high compatibility,suitable for direct compreission activity.
Hindcel 103 60 0.25-0.35 Same as grade 101,but with low moisture content for processing water sensitive actives.
Hindcel 105 25 0.20-0.25 It has the finest paticle size and may be used in direct compression of coarser,granular and crystalline material.
Hindcel 112 95 0.30-0.40 Same as grade 102,but with low moisture content for processing water sensitive actives.
Hindcel 200  200 0.35-0.50 It has a large particle size which offered increase flow ability with minimum effect on copression characteristics.
Hindcel 301 60 0.35-0.45 Same as grade 101,but with higher Bulk Density & improved flow properties.
Hindcel 302 95 0.35-0.45 Same as grade 102,but with increased Bulk Density & improved flow properties.Suitable for high speed tablating and potential for smaller tablet.


25 Kg HDPE bag with PE Liner 20kg Fiber Drum with inside Liner

Stability & Storage:

The product is stable when sealed container stored in shady, Dry and ventileted warehouse under normal condition.The product is non hygroscopic in nature and has long shelf life.