Sodium CMC For Foodstuff Industry


CMC is widely Used in modern food industry, in various kinds of Dairy Products and condiments and plays a role of stabilization, taste improvement and thickening. In addition, CMC is also used in ice cream, bread, cake, biscuit, instant noodle and fast paste foodtuff for product moulding, taste improvement, anti - fragmentation, water retaining and tenacity strengthening.

Application of Sodium cmc IN Foodstuff

SCMC in ICE Cream

To avoid the increase of the ice crystal

To improve the inflation rate

To avoid the melt of the ice cream

Help the ice cream to keep a good shape

Improve its taste

SCMC in Yogurt

Enhance the thickness and improve the quality, status,taste and stabilize the system

Prevent the milk serum from separating and the structure of yogurt.

Powerful in anti-sediment, good thermal stability and acid resistance.

SCMC in Instant Noodle

To incress the noodle's tenacity and make it endures the load-time boiling.

Bring uniform products and improve structures.

Give bright-colour and smooth surface.

SCMC in Cookies & Biscuits

Help them to have a good shape with bright and clean surface that is not fragile.

Prevent moisture evaporation and aging

SCMC in Bread & Cake

Improve the inner stucture and strengthen the processing mechanical property and water absorption of dough

Help the honeycomb of bread to distribute even, enlarge the size and make the surface bright.

SCMC also used in liquid beverages, fruit juice, milk shakes, jelly & jam, Quick frozen food and dessert, edible films, meat prodicts etc...

Product specifications - Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose - Food Grades

Type Colour Active Matter Degree Of substitution Ph of 1% Solution Viscosity in 1% Solution Moisture
LVP White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 30-100 CPS 10% Max.
MVP White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 100-250 CPS 10% Max.
HVP White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 250- 600 CPS 10% Max.
DVP White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 600 - 1200 CPS 10% Max.
DVP Spl. White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 1200 - 2200 CPS 10% Max.
H3 White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 3000 - 4000 CPS 10% Max.
H4 White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 4000 - 5000 CPS 10% Max.
H5 White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 5000 - 6000 CPS 10% Max.
H6 White 98% Min. 0.7 6 to 8 6000 - 7000 CPS 10% Max.


Although Sodium CMC is more resistant to microbiological attack than other water-soluble polymer; its solution is not immune. when solution is stored, a preservative should be added to prevent viscosity degradation.

Packing :

CMC is available in 25kgs kraft paper bags with inside L.D liner.