Swellcal® - Carmellose Calcium (Calcium CMC)

Calcium CMC is calcium salt of Carboxy Methyl Cellulose. It is also popularly known as Carmellose Calcium and Croscarmellose Calcium.

Calcium CMC ( Carmellose Calcium ) is highly pure white powder used for tablet disintegration.

Carboxymethylcellulose Calcium is insoluble in water but it swells in water and Carmellose Calcium used as super disintegrant in pharmaceutical tablet formulation. Calcium CMC helps tablets to disintegrate rapidly and also improves dissolution properties.

Carmellose Calcium performs well with hard tablets where other disintegrants do not perform well

Product Description:

No. Index Specifications
1 Description White Fine Powder
2 Identification A,B,C,D Passes
3 Alkanility Test Passes
4 Chloride 0.36% Max.
5 Residue on Ignition 10% - 20%
6 Loss on Drying 10% Max.
7 Silicate 1.5% Max.
8 Sulfate 0.96% Max.
9 Arsenic 0.001% Max.
10 Heavy Metals 0.002% Max.
11 Starch Text Negative
12 Organic Volatile Impurities Test Passes


25 Kgs Export Worthy Fiber Drum and it can be Customize as per Customer Request

Stability & Storage:

Stored in Well Closed Container at Cool and Dry Place Protected from Humidity as product may turn into lumps on storage or stacking bag on bags.